trolley car 168 from oporto portugal

Trolley Car 168 from Porto, Portugal

History San José, of which the Portuguese Historical Museum is an integral part, offers a unique view of the past–a visit to a cherished San José, much as it existed at the turn of the 20th century. Housed on twenty-five acres in the southernmost section of Kelley Park, the musuem complex offers a glance of the old homes and businesses that once graced the streets of San José. Whether restored or reconstructed, each building on the grounds is placed as near as possible to its original location in relation to other structures in the plaza.

History San José was chosen as the location for the Portuguese Historical Museum to serve two purposes. First, it is a place where tens of thousands of visitors from all walks of life and from all over the country and world come each year to enjoy the historical significance of Santa Clara Valley. Second, the park is a long-term investment by the City of San José, therefore ensuring that the Portuguese Museum will be maintained as a permanent memorial for future generations.

History San José sponsors annual events open to the general public, such as its popular Living History Days, in which participants dress in turn-of-the-century attire. This celebration conveys a carnival atmosphere with booths, food, and entertainment. The Portuguese community will have the opportunity to stage its own special events here to educate the public regarding Portuguese culture and contributions to the greater community.