Nativity Scenes

Portuguese nativity scenes tend to be very traditional. The pieces themselves are often passed down from generation to generation. The scenes contain the customary religious figurines such as the infant Jesus in the manger surrounded by Mary and Joseph, angels, and animals, with the three kings arriving in the distance. The scenes can be unique, though, in the addition of cultural figurines like farmers, fishermen, merchants, and other typical village residents . In fact, a whole village may envelope the manger scene, complete with houses, churches, stores, fields, and most anything else you might find in a Portuguese village.

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Nativity Scenes, or Presépios

Teaching the story of the birth of Jesus.

Artisans Create Nativity Scenes

Ceramics work in the Azores dates back to the late 15th century, not long after discovery of these Atlantic islands.

Madeiran Nativity Scenes

The nativity scene known as "lapinha" honors the Baby Jesus.