Every life has a story. Our goal is to capture the most fascinating stories about Portuguese immigrants and historical figures from Portugal's storied past.

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Manuel José de Arriaga Brum da Silveira

A short essay about an Azorean son, lawyer, professor, poet and politician who would become the first elected President of the First Portuguese Republic.

John Philip Sousa

John Philip Sousa was an American composer and conductor of the late Romantic era.

Anthony Ferry

The City of Los Banos is tied to the legendary John Philip Sousa through the life of Anthony Ferry

Monsignor Henrique Augusto Ribeiro

Monsignor Ribeiro came to San José not knowing English and wanting to build a new town. His vision was not just to establish a Portuguese National Parish, but to create a Portuguese town in East San José.

Rev. Manuel Francisco Fernandes – “The Good Shepherd”

Manuel Francisco Fernandes was an illiterate shepherd and miner who learned to read and write to become a priest who built two of the earliest Portuguese immigrant churches in California and traveled the world.

Grupo Folclórico Tempos de Outrora

Preserving the beauty and history of the folk dancing traditions of the Azores

Mestre Hélio Beirão and his "Viola da Terra"

Mestre Hélio Beirão is recognized as the leading exponent of “Viola da Terra” or “Viola da Terceira".