Food and Wine

Portuguese cuisine blends Atlantic and Mediterranean ingredients like olive oil, parsley, saffron, paprika, hand-cut canned fish and cod with its diverse oenology that includes more than 260 grape varieties cultivated in regions that differ in soil, topography, and climate that today are recognized for producing quality wines.

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We All Love to Eat

Portuguese explorers, missionaries, settlers -- and even royalty -- introduced Portuguese food and wine in countries spanning the globe.

Let's Eat

From cheese to soups to casseroles, Portuguese cuisine draws upon its roots on the continent and in the islands.


Portugal is deservedly famous for its wines. It ranks fifth in the world for wine exports, behind Italy, France, Spain, and Australia, and ahead of the U.S..

About Brazilian Food

Brazil is Portugal’s largest former colony with its own foods now popular here.

Ceramics for Your Table

The Portuguese have worked clay since prehistory – it is part of who they are.