Portuguese Historical Museum - Beware the Unexpected

As with any construction project, the unexpected should always be expected.

Years:  1993 — 1996

Building specifications:  Being in a public park, the building had to meet special requirements, adding to construction costs.

Stones from Portugal:  The plaza stones were shipped from Portugal. When the containers were opened for inspection by Customs, the inspectors discovered that the wooden crates holding the stones had hatched moths. The release of the shipment was delayed as it had to be fumigated.

Bandstands:  As the construction of the bandstands was being completed, it became obvious that they were disproportionately taller than the "império". With typical Portuguese ingenuity, the roof section was cut off and removed, the height of the bandstands reduced and the top sections reinstalled.

Stained Glass Window:  The figure of the dove, representing the Holy Spirit, is found throughout the museum. The sunlight coming through the stained glass window above the entrance projects an image around the carved dove above the entrance display—an unplanned but interesting phenomenon.

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