Portuguese Footprints -- Newer Landmarks

New footprints reflect the varying patterns in the Portuguese community.

Years:  1815 — 2020

The geographical and cultural landscape of the Portuguese in California is constantly changing.  New footprints are being created to reflect the varying patterns in the Portuguese community.  Some of the features in the new landscape are merely remodeling and reshaping some of the old halls.  Other additions are new edifices contributing to the existing skyline. 

The magnificent Our Lady of the Assumption of the Portuguese in Turlock stands as a monument to the religious fervor of the new immigrants.  The beautiful new band halls in San José show the vitality of those groups as they seek to establish their mark in the community.  The Luso-American Plaza building in Dublin is a wonderful addition to the local commercial space.  The beautiful Portuguese Historical Museum in San José is an exquisite place to share the story of the Portuguese presence in California. 

Whether preserving and renewing the old structures or creating new places, the process of renewal continues to reflect the vibrant California Portuguese community in the 21st century.

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