Portuguese Footprints -- Commercial Scene

Farming and the dairy industry gave way to the trades, commerce, industry, and the professions.

Years:  1815 — 2020

Although farming and the dairy industry were the main occupations of early Portuguese immigrants, scores of newcomers began other business ventures.  They were bar owners, lumbermen, dredgers, pharmacists, and retailers.  Many began providing the delicious foods from the old country; they started sausage factories and bakeries.  Some became lawyers, doctors, dentists and accountants.  Beginning in the 20th century, travel agencies sprouted up to help immigrants satisfy their “saudades” with a vacation “back home”.

Those who arrived in the last wave of immigration turned to newer pursuits, but like their predecessors, they found success in perseverance and hard work.  Some entered the construction trades and established successful enterprises in drywall, tile, and concrete.  Women also pursued careers in real estate, childcare, and cosmetology. Many have entered government service, working in school districts, state, and local government, and, increasing numbers, entering the political arena at all levels.

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